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Automotive Services

The security and convenience of automotive locking systems have made great strides in just the last few years, gone are the days when your neighbors car key might open and start your car.

 As the technology has advanced so have the mechanical systems this new technology operates, simple car lockouts are not so simple anymore. In the past you could call your local police or firestation to open your car, and usually at no charge. With the complexity of new locking systems, and the exposure to damage, many municipalties no longer offer these services.

At Midstate Lock & Safe, we have the specialized tools and training that enable us to unlock your car correctly and without damage.

Duplicate automotive keys.

Modern automotive security has evolved rapidly, some systems do not even require a key to start your car! The locks on the door will identify you as an authorized operator and allow you in, then you just push a start button. The technology now included in the head of your automotive key could include programmable computer chips, transponder chip, or even all of the controls to lock and unlock your car. These keys are not inexpensive and usually need to be programmed to your cars system, this sometimes involves specialized electronic equipment.       


 At Midstate Lock & Safe we have the expertise and the equipment to duplicate and program the vast majority of these keys. You don’t usually need an appointment and we can come to your location. You may have the option of going to your dealer, however this usually involves an appointment, leaving your car, and more cost.

Originate new or replacement keys.

Originating a replacement key or rekeying your car to a new key can involve many different requirements, such as how many keys can be made for your car, can a key be cloned, do you need to have a certain number of working keys in order to program duplicates?

We know what requriements your system has to comply with, the procedures to use, and we have the required equipment to get the job done right!

Remotes and keyless entry.

Most cars today are equipped with keyless entry capability, sometimes the remote is not available or has been lost. We can determine if your automobile has remote capability and program an original or aftrmarket romote for that vehicle. Many times used cars are sold without remotes, we can determine if your car was built to use them.

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